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Noorddijk, Groningen
Name Noordermolen
Type Smock mill
Function Polder drainage windmill
Location Noorddijkerweg 6
9734 AT Noorddijk
NL GPS X: 238380 Y: 585367
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Community Groningen
Monument number 18759
Owner Stichting Groninger Poldermolens
Miller T. Kalk
Telephone 050-5416386

Op afspraak

Database nr. 347
Ten Bruggencate nr. 00663

© Rob Hoving (21-03-2010)   
Groot Wesseldijk
Span 17,90 m.
Mill builder/ Millwright J. Lubsen, Zuidwolde (1888)


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More current photos
Noordermolen, Noorddijk, Rob Hoving (21-03-2010)
© Rob Hoving (21-03-2010)
Noordermolen, Noorddijk, Bernd Käding (3-9-2014)
© Bernd Käding (3-9-2014)
Noordermolen, Noorddijk, Edo Werkman (15-06-2008). | Database Nederlandse molens
© Edo Werkman (15-06-2008).
Noordermolen, Noorddijk, Rob Hoving (21-03-2010) | Database Nederlandse molens
© Rob Hoving (21-03-2010)

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