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De Nederlandse Molendatabase

Functional mills in the Netherlands

Terms of use and copyrights 1999 - 2023

The content of the Molendatabase is copyrighted. You are not allowed to copy the content presented here for your own purposes.

The Dutch Molendatabase (Windmill and Watermill Database) is a volunteer initiative.

The aim of the Dutch Molendatabase is to compile, for free educational purposes, correct historical and current data of all functional wind- en watermills in the Netherlands.

The texts of individual mills, presented in the Molendatabase, are subject to a Creative Commons license that you can read here. This license allows you to use text of an individual mill under these 3 conditions
1. Attribution — You must give appropriate credit (source: www.molendatabase.nl);
2. NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. (you may not make in a direct or indirect way money);
3. NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

It is however strictly forbidden to use the texts of more than one mill in any form or context.

The Dutch Molendatabase contains thousands of photos. They were submitted for free publication in the Molendatabase by their respective copyright holders and are subject to the copyrights of their original creator/photographer. It is absolutely forbidden to download these photographs and use them for your own purposes, both commercial, not-for-profit or educational. We can however contact the photographer for you if you want to use photographs of one windmill for educational or not-commercial purposes. In general this will take us three weeks.
Unfortunately we have on occasion received photographs that were not submitted by the original copyright holder. We do our best to avoid this and have people agree to our terms before they can submit materials. If you recognize one of the photographs in our pages as yours, please contact us immediately.

Presentation of the data
The form of presentation of the data in relation to wind- and watermills, plus the (graphic) design of the Molendatabase are copyrighted. Copyright holder is Hippo WebDesign.


Editorial staff: Bert Bulder (editor in chief), Leo Middelkoop (text editor) en Martin E. van Doornik (photo editor).

Martin van Doornik
Martin van Doornik
Leo Middelkoop
Leo Middelkoop
Bert Bulder
Bert Bulder

Graphic and technical design:
Hippo Software + WebDesign, Amsterdam.